Tom Ainsworth (1921-2007) joined the Manchester and Salford Film Society in 1937 at the age of 16. As secretary and principal organiser for over 50 years, he was the moving force behind the Society's activities, from arranging the wide-ranging programmes  to projecting the films . In 1987, he received the BFFS Charles Roebuck Cup for his services to the British film society movement.

The standards and principles that Tom established during his lifetime remain the foundation for the Society today in the 21st century.

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Tom Ainsworth awards ...continued

 To celebrate the 80th anniversary of the Society in  2011, the committee decided to inaugurate these awards to honour the memory of Tom Ainsworth, our late Chairman .The Tom Ainsworth Short Film Awards  have been set up as a competition to recognise the best work of young film-makers studying in the north-west. We have now established close links with Manchester Metropolitan University and Salford University, both of whom are happy to provide a selection of short films made by their students in consideration for these awards.

There are two categories of entry - documentary and fiction. Each of these has prizes on offer for the winning films -  one selected by a jury drawn from a group of committee members and ordinary members, and the other by an audience of members at the award ceremony itself. Each award is worth £100. 

Our President Marjorie Ainsworth presents a cheque for £200 to Danielle Swindells as director of the Jury and Audience awards for the documentary Resort. Stephen Otioso  received a cheque for £100 as director of the Jury Fiction prize for the short film Matter of Questions. The winner of the Audience Fiction prize was John Lloyd jnr, director of Drifting, who was not able to be present. All three films were made by students at Manchester Metropolitan University. Students from Salford University also took part in the competition, which is open to all student filmmakers in the North West.

The Tom Ainsworth 2015 awards